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POLL: Will Nina and Ian’s Love Last?

August 10, 2012

Jason Merritt/Getty Images

We thought the Vampire Diaries‘ cuties were great as costars, but they’re even more amazing as a couple. When Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder finally went public with their relationship in April, we were so excited. Now, we want to know your opinion — will Nina and Ian’s love last, or do you think they’ll fizzle out and break up? Tell us why you voted yes or no in the comment section below!

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  1. waterdrop97 says:

    They are so cute together!!!

  2. pixiestar says:

    I totally think so!

  3. little girl says:

    Totally, they r perfect together. they love each other. thats sounds the real and epic love

  4. 1Directioner4eva says:

    who … and who???

  5. hosana rafaela says:

    O namoro deles vai durar para sempre entao vote keeh sim…

  6. Claire says:

    There love can’t last they are big movie stars they like julena they will never make it because of other movie stars loving justin AND breaking them apart same with Ian and nina

  7. 1Dcity says:

    Team Delana !

  8. lily says:

    Clap 5 times and post this on 10 other walls and look under your pillow and there will be a pink iPad

  9. vania says:

    Eu votei sim, porem torço que o romance deles dure muitos, muitos anos, com lindos filhos de olhos azuis e cabelos pretos. Já pensou?
    Mas sabemos que no mundo das celebridades, os sentimentos entre eles são muito inconstantes e voláteis.
    Acho que é muita tentação, mexe muito com sentimentos e as pessoas acabam se envolvendo com outras e outras.
    Esse romance dura, pq eles trabalham juntos o tempo todo e tem uma historia de amor no meio da história.
    Adoro o Ian, mas se o Paul fosse solteiro, será que a Nina teria se envolvido com ele?
    Vamos concordar: eles também combinam divinamente, certo?

  10. sky says:

    I think so