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Yesterday was basically Taylor Swift Day with the release of her new CD Red, but another of our favorite celebs was making waves on the Twittersphere, too! If you were paying careful attention to Twitter yesterday morning (and not just spending all your time decoding Red, like we were), you may have seen a series of interesting tweets from Demi Lovato.

It started with this tweet about a nightingale:

Demi continued to tweet all morning until fans realized they were song lyrics! Demi tweeted more throughout the morning:

“We’ll never fall apart…”

“Cause we fit together like…two pieces of a broken heart…”

“I hate you, don’t leave me, I feel like I can’t breathe. Don’t touch me…just hold me”

“Cause I want you to love me, but I need you to trust me, stay with me…set me free”

Then, Demi tweeted her fans asking if they were ready for her fourth album. Um . . .yes!

We’re not sure if the lyrics are part of one song, or a bunch of lines from different songs. Either way, we already love them!

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