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EXCLUSIVE: BOP & TB Report from 1D’s Charity Soccer Game!

October 23, 2012

Jade Beal

Last night 8,500 people showed up to support 1D‘s very own Louis Tomlinson in his home city of Doncaster, at a charity soccer match he organized for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice. Fans braved the cold to cheer him on and Louis even had some very special fans on the side of the pitch – Liam, Niall and Harry! The boys snapped photos and cheered him on from beginning to end and at one point they even danced with the Rovers’ mascot, Donny Dog! Can they get any cuter?

Despite tweeting earlier that day saying he was nervous, Louis’ team The Three Horseshoes won the match against the Doncaster Rovers 2-1 and the other boys ran onto the pitch to hug him both times they scored (too cute!) Niall also helped out by holding up the substitute board during the game!

The night ended with a just for fun penalty shoot out and although Louis missed his first try the referee let him try again and it shot straight in the back of the net sending the crowd crazy! After the night ended, Louis took to the microphone to thank people for coming and supporting the charity and did a final victory lap of the stadium to wave to all the fans – is he the perfect guy?!

If you were to organize your own charity soccer match, who would YOU have on your team? Let us know!

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  1. ILoveMyHorse says:

    It’s nice they had a charity soccer game :)

  2. 1Directioner4eva says:

    ummmm….. whers Zayn?

  3. tigershark says:

    they are so sweet but wheres zyan?

  4. dancingqueen219 says:

    That’s so sweet that they had a charity soccer game!

  5. victoria8888 says:

    Bam!Your love will call u @ 10:30 or will kiss u tomorrow or ask u out,if u break diz chain you’ll be cursed. comment diz on 10 things

  6. 1DIDMYLIFE says:

    Wheres Zayn?

  7. Hannah says:

    So nice, but back in their country, it’s called FOOTBALL

  8. Paige E. says:

    probably Cody and Alli S. 1D, and JB or Ross L!

  9. I love One Direction says:


  10. Ukprincess says: