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We love the boys of One Direction not only because they are so adorable and talented, but also because they all have their own unique personalities!

Harry’s the flirty one, Niall’s a sweetheart, Louis is the goofball, Zayn is the bad boy and Liam’s nickname is “Papa.” Even though the boys have convinced us that they’re totally best friends despite their different personalities, we wonder if any of them are the “divas” of the group.

Niall recently dished on who’s the diva of 1D. His answer? None of them!

“There’s no divas in the group,” Niall said. “I think if there was they would be getting a slap on the face. You always have to remember where you come from and stuff. We’ve been given this massive opportunity. So, if anyone was like that they would get a slap across the jaw.” Niall joked.

The boys may not be divas, but Niall did admit that there’s one 1D guy who’s especially hard to wake up in the morning.

“Zayn is the hardest person to get out of bed. You could arrive up at his house to collect him and he would still be in bed.” Niall said.

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