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November 8, 2012

Got burning advice questions about boys, friends, school and more? Blog Girl is here for you! Every week, we take questions from YOU, our lovely readers, and choose questions at random to answer right here. If you need advice about anything, please leave your questions in the comments below. Let’s get to this week’s questions!

Liv wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, In summer camp a few years ago, I met this really cute guy. He liked me and I liked him. We were like, best friends now, I’m going to a new school (middle school) and he goes to MY middle school. I haven’t talked to him sence camp a few years ago. How do I say somthing and what do I say without it being awkward?”

Hi, Liv! Even though it’s been a few years, don’t worry about it being awkward. Just start by jokingly introducing yourself to him and asking if he remembers you (and since you spent time at camp together, it’d be totally ridiculous for him not to!). You’ve got it a lot easier than some other girls when they get crushes, because you’ve got all those cool camp memories to talk about. Invite him to sit with you at lunch, or to hang out with you and your friends so you guys can catch up! Keep in mind that you both may have changed a little bit since the summer at camp, but because you were BFF then, it probably won’t be too hard to start being friends again! Good luck!

babewithbrains wrote, “Hi blog girl. my boyfriend is super cute and wants to kiss me but i dont know if im good at it. what do i do?”

Hi, babewithbrains! First off, totally don’t feel pressured to kiss him if you aren’t comfortable or ready. If you think you’re ready to take the step though, you should definitely keep in mind that all first kisses are, well, awkward. All of those romantic movies where couples kiss in the rain? Those hardly happen! Chances are, your boyfriend is just as nervous about kissing his super cute girlfriend (you!), so he might be freaking out about whether he’s good at it, too. Just wait for the right moment, and don’t think too much about it if it feels silly or if he misses or if you accidentally bump noses. Good luck!

elauto wrote, “Dear Blog Girl,
All of my friends have already lost their baby teeth, but I still have some of mine! It makes me feel like I’m not growing as fast as all of my other friends and lowers my self-confidence. Plz help!”

Hi, elauto! Having some baby teeth totally doesn’t mean you’re a baby! Everyone loses their first set of teeth at different times, but they will all definitely come out eventually. Some girls lose their baby teeth really early, and for others, it can be months or years later! The molars — you know, those big teeth in the back of your mouth? — are usually the last ones to fall out, so if that’s what you have left, then no one will even be able to tell they’re baby sized. Just be patient, and enjoy the fact that YOU can still get money from the Tooth Fairy and your big-teeth friends can’t! Good luck!

jealous wrote, “dear blog girl, my bff has dumped me for some other girl she thinks is mature and sophisticated and because she thinks i dumped her for someone else. the girl is really a mean bully and i don’t know how to stop her from hanging out with her. the thing is sometimes i also get a bit jealous of them even though i have my own new bff. help!”

Hi, jealous! It’s totally normal to get a little bit jealous when you see someone who used to be your BFF get super-close with someone else. However, don’t let any of those mean feelings get to you! It sounds like you really need to talk to your BFF. She’s probably a little bit jealous of you and your new friends, too, especially if she thinks YOU dumped HER first! Invite her to sit with you at lunch, or hang out sometime. If you guys chat about whatever fight you had, then maybe all this drama can be cleared up. Good luck!

hannah wrote, “hey blog girl i do a run club and i dont like to change in the bathrooms after school they stink.i want to go to school cute but comfortable and i dont know wat to wear ecpesialy since its winter i cant wear shorts so wat do i wear?”

Hi, hannah! School bathrooms can definitely be pretty gross, plus a lot of girls are probably just as uncomfortable as you are with changing in front of everyone. On the days that you have run club after school, you could wear a cute athletic outfit. That way, you don’t have to change after class, and you can wait until you’re home to shower and change out of the stinky clothes. Winter definitely makes shorts a no-no, but remember to keep in mind that while you’ll be cold at first, all of that running is probably going to make you work up a sweat. Look for comfortable leggings or yoga pants-types of bottoms. Those are warm (and stylish) enough but also provide lots of flexibility for running. If you still want to wear shorts, you can put just put on some cute sweatpants over them during the day, and you’ll be able to easily take them off and throw them in your bag without having to do a total outfit change. Good luck!

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  1. maira says:


  2. nonilovesniall says:

    i have a friend which has a crush on guy that i like and every week she has a crush on another guy but she still have the crush on the first guy so everyweek she tells me to help her to know her feelings whether she chose the guy she likes everyweek or the guy me and her have a crush on her and i get sick of it sometimes i just get really sick of it and tell her that she should chose the guy me and her like but sometimes i say the other one so i can have the guy i like alone for me so what should i rally do

  3. Liv says:

    Thank you for answering my queston!!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Dear Blod Girl, I want to be a singer so bad but no one ever thinks that I’m good.It makes me so depressed and I want to be friends with these people,but they think there good and I’m not. I’m just confused about wether I should give up or to follow my heart.Please HELP MEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

  5. Mrs. Styles says:

    There is any andvice I could give my cousin to help her get over it.
    ~Mrs. Styles

  6. Zain says:

    My best friend and I every time we argue allot,every time we are better than our self’s. She copies me allot with everything like a brought some magazines from tiger beats she brought them after. I don’t why he does it even once she said she hated one direction allot but then I said I love them she loved them after, even in twiter, in school , in how I act ! please explain me how to stop it it’s getting out of my nerves but I don’t like to heart anyone

  7. Jflow3 says:

    i have bf would i would really like to dump and there’s this totally hottie who’s spanish and wants to ask me out and i have a mega crush on him sohuld i dump my bf and go out with the hottie or stay with him!!!!

  8. Lucy says:

    There is a really cute guy in my class. I think he likes me but I’m not really sure. We have been going to school together since kindergarten. I really like him. And I don’t want to make the first move. And I actually like I don’t like him but I do…. What should I do

  9. bubblegumdoll says:

    blog girl , i hve a few blemishs on my legs (clear face) but i am so ashamed to go to the beach bcuz i cant wear shorts tht show my hideous legs what can i do , im really hurt .

  10. Rarity says:

    dear blog girl a girl in my class is mean what can i do?