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CoLeTtE629 wrote, “Hi Blog Girl! I’m in eighth grade and I think I’m the only girl in my grade who still doesn’t have a bra! I wear camis with the built-in ones and sometimes a sports bra. I know I’m developing slower than the other girls, but I think it’s time I actually got one. I find it kinda embarrassing, so how do approach my mom and tell her about it?”

Hi, CoLeTtE629! Oh, gosh, the dreaded Bra Talk. You’re totally right: it might be kinda awkward to talk to your mom about bras, but you have to remember that she probably had to have an awkward bra talk with her mom at some point, too. The next time you guys are doing something together (maybe shopping at the mall?), you should casually bring up that you’ve noticed you may be growing out of your cami and sports bras. Be sure to tell her that you’d just feel more comfortable if you were able to start wearing a real bra, even if you think you haven’t developed as fast as your friends. Chances are, your mom probably knows you’ll be a little embarrassed to talk about it, so she won’t make you feel any more awkward! Good luck!

Gracie wrote, “dear blog girl, me and my bf have been together for like 2 or 3 mouthes and im not sure if i really like him or not. what do i do?”

Hey, Gracie! Sometimes it’s totally difficult to try and figure out if you just have a crush on someone or if you really want a long-term relationship. However, it is definitely something for you to think about right away, because the longer you string him along without knowing if you reeeally like him, then the more he will be hurt when or if you guys break up. Maybe take a few days to yourself and really try to think about how much you like him: do you like flirting with him, and holding hands and other couple-y things? Or do you see him as more of a best friend who’s fun to hang out with? It’s okay if you don’t think you like like him. Three months isn’t super long, but it’s long enough that you should have a pretty good idea where your heart stands. You should always with your gut, but it wouldn’t help to chat with your BFFs about it, because they probably know you almost as well as you know yourself. Once you’ve made a decision, tell him ASAP so there aren’t too many hurt feelings. Good luck!

Khanara wrote, Dear Blog Girl, I’m African and I have a name thats not an usual name for Americans. But people make fun of my name. I love my name but the people that are making fun of me are getting to my last nerve! Do you have any advice?

Hi, Khanara! Your name is BEAUTIFUL. It’s so great that you love your name, and you should continue to be proud of it even when those mean kids get on your nerve. Chances are, they may not have met a lot of people with such exotic names, so they don’t know that their teasing is hurting your feelings. Just tell them the next time they start nagging on you. If they don’t stop, then they’re immature, and really not worthy of your friendship. Good luck!

Crystal wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I’m having some family probablems. My mom sometimes hangs out with my friends (she’s friends with their moms to). However, sometimes when I’m with my friends she likes to hang out with us to. I sometimes feel a little weird by it. I love my mom but I want to hang out with my friends to.”

Hi, Crystal! It’s great that your mom loves your friends, but it can definitely be kind of awkward when she starts to hang out with them, too. You don’t want to hurt her feelings, but you should definitely bring up that you’d like to spend some time alone with your BFFs. I bet she had a group of best girlfriends in school, too, so she’ll know that there needs to be girl-time. It’s totally possible for you to make time for her and your friends…but separately. Good luck!

Krissa wrote, “Dear Blog Girl,i have a boyfriend but i feel like he doesnt appericiate me. whenever i make him cookies he doesnt say thank you to me and when hes done eating he justs goes to his friends house instead of taking a walk with me so blog girl what should i do?”

Hi, Krissa! Tell him you’ll stop making cookies! Haha, but, seriously: definitely let him know how you feel! It sounds like you’re putting lots of effort into being cutesy, and maybe he’s just not getting the message. Instead of just making him the snacks, you should be sure to drop hints that you’d like to enjoy them together — suggest going on a picnic, or having your own “fancy dinner” at home! The next time you hang out, tell him that you feel like he’s always running off to his friends. It’s totally cool that he has friends, but explain to him that maybe he needs to balance the time with his friends and the time with his girlfriend. Maybe you could even tag along the next time he hangs out with his friends…offer to bring them a plate of your delicious cookies! Good luck!