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CodySimpson love wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I have had a crush on this kid named Josh for the past 5 years!! There is a Christmas dance coming up, and I want to go with him. But I don’t know how to let him know I like him. What do I do?”

Hi CodySimpson lover! Dances are the perfect opportunity to move in on your crush! Keep in mind that he’s probably nervous about finding a date to the dance too, so try and keep it casual when you bring it up to him. If you think you’re brave enough to just walk up to him and ask him, do it! If you’re too shy but you still want to do something kinda cutesy, try leaving him a note in his locker, or send him a text. Maybe the easiest way, though, it just to bring it up in a normal conversation! The next time you’re hanging out at lunch, or after school, drop a hint about the Christmas dance and see if he’s planning on going with anyone. If not, make your move! Don’t be bummed if things don’t work out, though, because then you can always go with a group of your best friends. Dates with boys are fun, but there’s nothing better than some good ol’ fashioned BFF time. Good luck!

masa07 wrote, “Hi blog girl, I wanted to ask you for help! My BFF is always gossiping bad stuff about my crush and his friends 🙁 Please help!!!”

Hi, masa07! Hmm, it sounds like your BFF might be a little bit jealous. Is it possible that she has a crush on this boy, too? You should definitely try to talk to her about it. Let her know that it totally hurts your feelings when she’s gossiping about your crush. Ask her what it is she doesn’t like about him, and why. It could be possible that she has wishy-washy feelings about him, but she doesn’t know how to tell you other than by acting out and being kind of mean. Your BFFs always have your best interests at heart, so maybe you guys just need to sit down and talk this dilemma out, before it explodes into a big fight. Good luck!

Emma wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, I don’t know, but to other people I’m known as a popular??? I made high honor-roll last week when I got my report card but all of my friends didn’t. I’m not tring to be mean, but there not the smartest lads in the jar. But they keep making fun of me and calling me a geek. I don’t like how there calling me a geek. How do I tell them to stop.”

Hi, Emma! First, congrats on your report card! It’s not nice of your friends to tease you about it, but you should keep in mind that they may just be upset that they didn’t do as well as you. If they keep teasing you and it keeps bothering you, you should definitely bring it up with them. Let them know that you’re proud of your grades, and their calling you a “geek” hurts your feelings. If they want, you could even offer to help them study or give them some tips for the next tests. Good luck!

mikkimouse wrote, “Dear Bloggirl, About a week ago me and my boyfriend broke up. It’s because I acted like we were still just friends. I was afraid that he would think I was too clingy if acted any differently. I tried to explain that to him but he wouldn’t take me back. I really want him back but he says that he doesn’t like me anymore. What should I do?”

Hi, mikkimouse! Boys can be so confusing, but your ex-BF is probably just as confused by you! He might not want to take you back right away, because he’s probably still hurt from the breakup. The best thing to do, probably, is to give him a little bit of space. Wait a little while before you reach out to him again. You should also take this time to make sure you really like him as BF-material and not just as a friend, because that’s what stopped you the first time. It’s totally okay to just like him as a guy friend. And if you decide you do like him in a crush-worthy way, don’t be afraid to show it! Flirting or holding hands isn’t nearly as “clingy” as you may think. Good luck!

Viridiana wrote, “Dear blog girl, I’ve been trying to do a blog of my own but i dont know how 2. Can you tell me the steps?”

Hi, Viridiana! The first thing to do is talk with your parents and make sure it’s okay for you to set up a blog (the internet can be a scary place!). If they give you the okay, then check out some easy blogging platforms and brainstorm some cool ideas. All blogs have a theme, so think about your hobbies and how you’d want to share your adventures with your blog readers. Having a catchy name always helps, too! Good luck with your adventures in blogging!