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November 29, 2012

Got burning advice questions about boys, friends, school and more? Blog Girl is here for you! Every week, we take questions from YOU, our lovely readers, and choose questions at random to answer right here. If you need advice about anything, please leave your questions in the comments below. Let’s get to this week’s questions!

joannamzhao wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, My teacher wants me to skip a grade. My dad also wants me to, but I have a feeling it’s not going to turn out well. It will be a real honor, but I won’t be with my friends anymore. I will also probably get bullied. Should I skip or should I not? My dad will be very disappointed if I don’t.”

Hi, joannamzhao! This sounds like a stressful situation! And you’re right, it totally would be an honor. However, you should definitely make sure to think about what you want. Even though your teachers and parents are pushing you to skip the grade, you have to think about your own feelings because in the end, the choice is yours. If you are worried about it not working out or getting bullied, you should definitely talk about that to your teacher and dad. Maybe the three of you can have a meeting and talk about the situation. Tell them you’re nervous, and they’ll definitely understand. Maybe they’ll have some advice for you, or maybe you can come up with a different solution. Good luck!

jenyanairobi wrote, “Dear Blog Girl, My best friend moved away a bit over a year ago. I’m so sad and i don’t know what to do. HELP!!!”

Hi, jenyanairobi! It always stinks when a friend moves away, but that doesn’t mean your friendship has to end! There are tons of ways to keep in touch with your BFF: email, Facebook (if you’re allowed!), video chats, text messaging, or even old school snail mail! It might be hard to stay as close as you are because even writing tons of letters can’t compare to actually hanging out and seeing each other all the time, but you shouldn’t be sad! Your best friend will always be there for you, even if she’s miles away! Good luck!

MeLovinLouisandKendall wrote, “I have a question blog girl. how do you ask a guy out without being super nervous? Just wonderin…”

Hi, MeLovinLouiandKendall! Hmm, I’m not sure there IS a way to ask your crush out without being just a little bit nervous! But, there are definitely ways you can make it easier on yourself. Basically, ask him out in a way that feels the most comfortable to you. Do you prefer text or Facebook chatting? Ask him out then! Are you brave enough to go up to his locker after class and flat-out ask him? Go for it? Want your gal pals to give you support? Invite him to hang out with a group and then bring up a date when you guys are alone. Either way, keep in mind that HE’S probably nervous, too, so just be as casual as possible. Good luck!

Cheer1D wrote, “Hey Blog Girl! My best friend Kaytlyn is the greatest friend a girl could have, but she always teases me about my crush. We’re on the same cheerleading squad, and she sent a group text to the whole team and in there she was teasing me because my crush is on the basketball team. She pushes me into him on purpose and talks to him about what I said about him when I’m not around. How can I let her know that I’ve had enough?”

Hi, Cheer1D! It sounds like Kaytlyn might be a little jealous! Maybe she’s worried that you’ll spend all your time with your crush and won’t get as much BFF time, so she’s acting out by teasing you and being kinda mean. You should definitely talk to her about it. Ask her to hang out after cheerleading practice, and explain how the text and her teasing really hurts your feelings. Maybe she’ll open up about why she acted like that, and you guys can work through this mess. Good luck!

Katie wrote, “hi blog girl, i have a boyfriend and he is really sweet to means tells me how pretty i am, but around his friends he is a total jerk! how should i approach him or do i just let it go?”

Hi, Katie! Ugh, boys. Your boyfriend sounds like a sweetheart but you should definitely talk to him about how he acts around his friends. Keep in mind that boys act differently together than girls do — you probably act a little different around your friends, too! But, there’s a clear line between acting like a boy and acting like a jerk. Don’t just let it go, because then it will just keep bothering you until it turns into an even bigger issue or fight! The next time you guys are hanging out, bring it up to him. Don’t accuse him of acting like a jerk, but mention that you’ve noticed he acts kinda differently around his friends than when he’s just around you. Good luck!

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  1. AlyssaNetters says:

    This boy named Latavius is super cute I’ve like him since 4th grade and now I’m in 5th but for some reason he likes me he’s told me but now that my bff Ashanti is gone he asks about her talks about her and all i can think is talk about me sometimes i mean I’ve told him Ashanti told him and my other friend was kidding and told him he did ask me to be his girlfriend once but i messed up and said no help me please i need tips

  2. joannamzhao says:

    thank you so much for answering my question!

  3. Ella says:

    I meant to say acts like that before, not likes like that

  4. Larissa rocha says:

    Eu tenho um poblema briguei com meu pai pois ele não me deixa ver e Big Time Rush e nem ir no show deles ficom muito triste já tente de tudo conversar com ele mais ele não me escuta o que devo fazer
    Me ajudem por favor.

  5. Rye Rye says:

    Dear blog girl
    I really like this boy. We have been friends and we both play soccer. He likes me as a Tom boy but I want him to like like me. He is also sometimes mean to my brother. The school dance is coming and I want him to ask me so badly,!

  6. Nerdy the Nerd says:

    I like this boy Jacob who was my friend since the 4th grade. now I’m in 5th grade.he sent me a note that said if I liked him and his phone number. I was going to check yes when my bff saw what I was doing and she snatched it away. and then as a joke she put know and said that he looked like a girl. I couldn’t stop her and then she gave it to him. I felt so bad. so I really had to tell him.so I went to tell him he said he like me to. after that day he never talked to me again… BUT WHY BLOG GIRL…..WHY?????

  7. christine styles says:

    Well hi!!! I kind of have a little mess because NOW MY CRUSH NOW KNOWS THAT I LIKE HIM cause one of his friends told him and now I really don’t know what to do now then one of my friends is going to ask if he likes me on Tuesday….cause we asked before I haven’t go an answer yet….please I need your help!!!!

  8. Princess 361 says:

    I have a really mean friend and i want to tell her i dont wanna be her friend any more.What should i do?

  9. lyve says:

    hey blog girl,…..am having problem with my family…… i change church because the church i usually attend are talking bad things about me so i decided to leave and attend another….now my grandad is telling if i don’t come back to the church i must leave the house.

  10. Aly says:

    Hey Blog girl,
    My Boyfriends Best friend hates me and wants me to break up him but i really like this guy and i don’t know what to do so can you please help me