Blake Michael called BOP & Tiger Beat headquarters this week to chat about the premiere of his new Disney Channel show, Dog with a Blog. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “Wait a second, I’ve already seen that show on TV.” You have! But after the new episode airs this weekend, on November 4, the season will officially begin — and you’ll get a new episode every week. Check out what Blake told us.

BOP&TB: What will you be doing on November 4 when the premiere airs?
Blake Michael: I’m just going to stay home with my mom and dad and watch it on the air. When we watch TV together, I usually make popcorn. I pour the popcorn and add some butter, a little salt and special seasoning. And you can absolutely expect to see me on Twitter! I’ve already read some tweets to see how everyone was responding to the sneak peek episode. I was so happy to see a positive response.

BOP&TB: Take us back to your very first day on the set of Dog with a Blog. Were you super nervous?
Blake Michael: I was a little nervous definitely — I won’t lie about that. I was just slowly starting to realize that I am actually on a Disney show. It was an awesome day!

BOP&TB: How does the cast get along behind the scenes?
Blake Michael: We are so close and we do crazy, crazy stuff together! We wore mustaches during rehearsals one day. We’re a very close cast!

BOP&TB: Down the road, if you could do a crossover episode with ANY Disney Channel cast, who would it be?
Blake Michael: Maybe Jessie!

Make sure to tune into Disney Channel on Sunday November 4 at 8 p.m. to catch Blake and the cast of Dog with a Blog!