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Justin and Selena: Dinner Date

November 20, 2012

Christopher Polk/Getty Images for ESPN

Dear Jelena: Are you on or off? We HAVE to know?

Power couple (ex-couple? On-again-couple?) Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez broke our hearts when they broke things off a week and a half ago. Now, it’s like they’re just toying with our emotions. There are dinner dates, rumored fights and seeming song dedications. We can’t keep it all straight.

But for you, we’ll try. The latest development in the Jelena saga involves a date to one of their favorite Hollywood hotspots, a restaurant called Benihana. Justin reportedly came to the dinner straight from the gym and had to change at the restaurant. That sure seems like someone in a rush to see his (maybe? Dare we say it?) girlfriend to us. Plus, this comes after reports that Justin and Sel got together after Sunday’s American Music Awards (she skipped the event and Justin took his mom as his date instead, but basically dedicated his performance to Sel).

Could these adorable lovebirds be reuniting? We don’t want to get our hopes too high, but it certainly doesn’t seem out of the question.

What do YOU think? Will Justin and Selena kiss and make up? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. pixiestar says:

    Yes they will be back together in the future! They belong together! 😀

  2. NIALLFOREVER! says:


  3. onedlover4eva says:

    yup jelina 4 ev

  4. Dominique says:

    I think that they will get back together :) . Why because they are one of the best couples out there :) . It would make me feel very sad that my favorite girl idol & my favorite boy idol aren’t going to be :( soo… Jelena or Justin & Selena plz don’t be done for good just plz have it not done forever. if it is like that it would break my heart :(

  5. Selena says:

    They were a great couple I hope they r back together :)

  6. Cheyenne says:

    Maybe they will just end up being FWB (Friends With Benefits). Since they hardly can see eavh other and spend time it probably is the best choive. FWB.

  7. girly1067 says:

    I really hope they don’t get back together!!!

  8. Annabelleluvssel03 says:


  9. Annabelleluvssel03 says:

    They really should get back together.They looked so cute together and they were my favorite celeb couple!!!!Jelena,get back together!

  10. Jade says:

    I think that they belong together! For all we know that could have been a rumor that could have been a friend. Selena and Justin are super cute and I was so sad when i heard about the break up!! I think that they belong together and hope that they get back together!! Jelina!!!! :)