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Don’t lose hope yet, Jelena fans! Rumors have been circulating about how teen power couple Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez may have patched things up. In the past few weeks, numerous sources have spotted Justin and Sel looking pretty cozy together despite news of their messy breakup.

In a way, the rumors aren’t too surprising. One of the first things we learned about the couple post-breakup was that this whole on-again off-again business isn’t anything new for them.

“Justin and Selena’s status is constantly changing. I honestly can’t keep up with them anymore,” a source told the US Weekly. “He loves Selena and wants her in his life… He doesn’t want to date anyone else.”

So once again, Justin is romancing Sel in hopes that she’ll forgive him. According to some sources, he seems to have laid out an entire plan for winning her love.

“Justin really wants Selena back,” a source told Hollywood Life. “He’s buying her things and sending her flowers.”

That’s not the only thing Justin has done in attempting to re-ignite their old spark. On November 14, he spent the day with Selena, hanging out at her pad and taking her to a fancy restaurant. Later that evening, they were spotted at a comedy club called The Laugh Factory. Apparently, Sel looked like she enjoyed Justin’s company as much as the show itself!

The most recent development seems to confirm that all has been forgiven. At the UNICEF Snowflake Ball, Selena walked the red carpet alone but afterwards went on a dinner date with Justin.

“At first they were just quietly talking, then they started to kiss,” another insider spilled. “The two were smiling and definitely seemed happy afterwards!”

From the looks of it, Justin must have succeeded in winning over Selena! Also, the fact that they can’t stay away from each other definitely helped their reunion.

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