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The boys of One Direction spend so much time together, we just kinda assumed they shared everything. You know, like secrets, clothes, food. But apparently not (at least not food!), because one of them is a little iffy about sharing food and drinks with his pals. Okay, a lot of iffy.

Liam revealed in an interview recently that he won’t share food and drinks the guys, because he’s a total germaphobe! (Germaphobe = somebody who’s scared of, well, germs.)

“I’m a hygiene freak,” Liam said. “I can’t share a drink with people.”

Liam jokingly told his friends, “I don’t like any of you, and you all smell weird and you don’t wash properly. So why am I going to share a drink?”

Hmm, so if we ever find ourselves on a date with Liam Payne, we’ll be sure to remember to not offer him a bite of our meal.

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