While you’ve been busy watching the just-released “Little Things” music video on repeat, the One Direction boys have been off promoting their new CD and, apparently, tweeting adorable pictures. We love when 1D goes on tour because it always means super-cute behind-the-scenes peeks, such as the series of photos Liam’s been tweeting of their air travels.

We checked up on the boys’ Twitter feeds to find the best and cutest pics to share with you guys. So, enjoy our Super Adorable 1D Twitter Pics Round Up. (And then you can go back to watching the “Little Things” video on repeat.)

Louis being cute on an airplane

From Liam: “Are you comfyy enough broo”

Liam discovers his first spork (you know, those spoon-fork things they usually have in school cafeterias, and some restaurants?)…and is confused.

From Liam: “What the ……. Is THiSSSSSS”

Harry might have met someone with better hair than him…

From Harry: “I lose the hair game..”

Zayn’s on-the-road noms

From One Direction’s official Twitter: “Food on the run”

Niall poses on stage at the X Factor Sweden

From One Direction’s official Twitter: “#XFSweden #1DinSweden”

Which pic is YOUR fave? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!