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If you haven’t already, you should totally check out One Direction’s video for “Little Things”…like right now!

The video is SO sweet, and totally different than what we’re used to seeing from our fave British boys. The video is just a recording sesh with them playing guitars in beautiful black and white.

1D is just as proud of “Little Things.” Niall dished about how much he loves the vid!

“It’s literally just like us and two guitars, that’s it,” Niall said. “It’s different, but it’s actually quite nice. Because were used to going on stage and everything is crazy, it’s always mad. We like the fact that we can strip it down and we want to show off what we’re about, we’re a vocal group as well. So, we wanted to get that across.”

We definitely think the boys pull it off! What do YOU think? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!