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One Direction singer Niall recently announced that he’s looking for a cute American girlfriend and Selena Gomez, one of the cutest girls out there, is newly single. A little flirting between the two was bound to happen!

According to a source from The Daily News, Niall has started to make the moves on Sel – online, at least.

“They’ve been chatting each other on her private Facebook account and [they] text each other,” the source said. “There’s a real spark between them. They both lead busy lives but Selena would love to get together with Niall the next time they’re in the same country.”

This definitely sounds a little familiar – remember when he flirted over Skype with Demi Lovato? The two have confirmed they’re just friends, but could Sel be interested in something more than friendship with Niall?

We can imagine how this can get a little complicated. Niall is a close pal of Justin Bieber, and Justin and Sel only split up a couple of weeks ago. We’re not sure we believe this rumor quite yet, but we do love both of these cuties, so there are worse couples we could imagine.

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