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POLL: Will Miley & Liam’s Love Last?

November 20, 2012

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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  1. dancingqueen219 says:

    I think they’ll last! At least I hope they do!

  2. liampayne12 says:

    i honestly have no idea!they seem like they’re fine.

  3. kendallkk says:

    They look like there in love! And thats really good! Whats best for them

  4. pixiestar says:

    I totally think so! They make a cute couple! <3 Miam!

  5. Theultraprettymrs.tomlinson says:

    It seems like Miley is the one that’s doing the loving. Liam just looks like ya whatever. But miles seems a bit clingy

  6. Jordan6201 says:

    Yes on the Ellen show Miley said, “My wedding is going to be one day, that’s it and I’m not gonna have 47 weddings!” Miley’s true to her word. :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. makenna says:

    you know i think that they wont last even though i love as a couple:} but cleb couples never last i know it is sad and all it is just what happens. like katy and russel i thought they would last but it ended up being a divorce. they always get csught up in there acting or singing or whatever else they do!!

  8. maria says:

    i think they will last cause they make a cute couple

  9. jelena fan 147 says:

    they are a cute couple but i don’t think it will ;last miley is kind of a player

  10. Squishybees124 says:

    Well, Miley does have a history with the boys. And so does Liam. If they put their minds into it, it will last. If they just throw their love away like their past relationships, then it will for sure not last. LOVE YOU MIAM or LILEY