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POLL: Will Zayn Get Tons More Tattoos in 2013?

November 3, 2012

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  1. Zoe says:

    Just because he has a lot now doesn’t mean he will get a ton of other ones

  2. pixiestar says:

    I totally think so

  3. music4ever1 says:

    mabey or mabey not its his life……i dont mean this in a mean way i was just saying because im a directioner i would never do any thing mean to hurt these boys bc i love them.

  4. newdirectioner says:

    I think Zayn will have another tattoo .Why not ????

    ps LOVE YA

  5. onedirectionfan says:

    i think he will get more

  6. Nialllover says:


  7. natashaluvrain says:

    Please no more… you have enuff. I love your tattoos but please no more your perfect the way you are.

  8. I heartrosslynchandcodysimpson says:

    He is going to get a lot more 😉

  9. Zayns wife says:

    Yeh they look good together

  10. KissesfromHarryStyles says:

    Probably! LOL
    Zayn is super cool either way! 😉