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Taylor Swift‘s sound has changed over the years, but one thing about her music hasn’t – the fairytale element she always has in her concerts. Her tour for her latest album, Red, will be no different.

Taylor says she loves bringing her audience into her world and making sure that they’re having as much fun singing and dancing to the songs as she is. Whether this means bringing crazy pyrotechnics, awesome dancers or a storm of glitter to the stage, Tay wants to plan a breath-taking show for her fans!

“I want them to be so happy that they decided to spend their time with me. I think that’s my biggest objective,” Taylor said. “And the element of surprise is still really important in a concert and showing scenes and images and visuals that are magical. I really like to take people to a different world and changes things up constantly, never showing them too much of the same thing too many times in a row.”

The Red Tour will also feature opening acts like Ed Sheeran and Austin Mahone. This definitely doesn’t sound like a show Swifty fans won’t want to miss!

“Of course, you know the tour will be a big representation of this record,” Tay said. “I’m so excited to see what songs the fans like the most and which ones jump to the forefront because that’s the first step. We always see which songs are really the passionate songs and the ones the fans are freaking out over the most, and those are the ones that are definitely in the set list.”

Looks like Taylor has a lot of ideas for how to make this show one of her biggest ever. We’re so excited to see what she’ll bring to the stage. She seems so determined to not disappoint her supporters!

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