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Taylor’s Parents Didn’t Want Her to Pursue Music!

November 9, 2012

Ben Pruchnie/Getty Images

We’ve been huge fans of Taylor Swift for, like, ever, and we sometimes forget that she was only a teen when she first hit the music scene! Tay was only 17 when she released her first CD, so her parents had to have a lot of say in her music career. Imagine how surprised we were to hear that Mama and Papa Swift weren’t 100 percent supportive of her career choice at first!

“My parents were thrown into this — they never had any desire for me to do music,” Tay recently spilled.

But how could they say no to someone as adorable (and insanely talented) as Tay? Taylor says she begged, begged, begged her parents to let her pursue her dream of becoming a country singer. Finally, they budged.

“I was just constant, non-stop annoying, perpetually bringing it up,” she said. “My parents saw that I was so obsessed, that I wasn’t going to drop it, that it wasn’t some adolescent phase.”

Thank goodness Tay’s parents finally caved. Can you imagine a world where we didn’t get to enjoy Taylor’s songs?!

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  1. Emilykb20 says:


  2. Lexci Peart says:

    I really wouldn’t appreciate if there was no Taylor Swift.

  3. Lexci Peart says:

    I really wouldn’t appreciate if there was no Taylor Swift. I think that if I was Taylor Swifts mom and dad are I would let her sing

  4. dancingqueen219 says:

    I’m so glad that they let her pursue her career in music! She’s gone so far and she’s done so amazing!

  5. pixiestar says:

    I’m glad her parents let her follow her dreams! Go Taylor! 😀

  6. LittleMiss1D says:

    This is my life! Like Taylor, music and school are the only things on my mind. However, my mom told me I was “too smart” to be a musician. But I’m not going to give up!

  7. kcinbkk says:

    she’s so pretty

  8. SWIFTIEMENDIExx says:

    if she didnt pursue music i dont know what i would listen to and fangirl about… i love God for that and i mean it <3 and obv i love God for a lot of other reasons, like lot.. lol