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There’s no doubt that most of Taylor Swift‘s love life has taken place in the spotlight. She’s been linked to stars like Joe Jonas, Jake Gyllenhaal, John Mayer and her most recent ex, Conor, is part of the one of the most famous political families in America. Considering how these relationships turned out, it’s pretty clear that nothing quite complicates dating like celebrity.

“I don’t know how to have a normal relationship,” Taylor recently admitted.

But apparently, Tay has never stopped trying for one. She even broke her chain of celeb boyfriends and began quietly dating a Nashville college student a couple years ago. According to a source in the US Weekly, she hoped to find a less stressful relationship outside the public eye, and for a while, it looked like things were going well.

“Her friends were proud of her for trying to date a normal dude,” the source spilled, “and trying to be a part of the local college scene like someone her age would be doing.”

Unfortunately, Tay’s relationship with a “normal” guy didn’t help in making the relationship itself “normal” at all. Things quickly soured when her ex’s friends started using her for her fame.

“A couple of his friends started texting her and trying to hang out. It got weird,” the source said.

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