The Demi Lovato and Niall Horan Dating Dilemma is SO last month. In the constant puzzle of figuring out which of the One Direction boys are single, Harry Styles is the one throwing us for a loop. The flirty Brit has recently been linked with Taylor Swift (they hung out on the set of X Factor and he reportedly gave her a super-cute necklace), but neither have confirmed their flirting or relationship or whatever it is.

In a recent interview, the boys are asked if they’re dating anyone. Zayn immediately speaks up and says he and Louis definitely have girlfriends. Niall adds that the rest of them (including Harry) are, “single Pringles.”

Harry avoids any talk of T.Swift and when he’s asked what he looks for in a girl, he simply said, “Someone you have fun with and get along with and is nice.”

When 1D is asked about their celeb crushes, Niall is the only one who confesses his love for a fellow star: Transformers babe Megan Fox!

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