Since Catching Fire has started filming, we’ve been looking for any and all secrets and dish from the set. After all, we need something to hold us over until next November! Luckily, Jennifer Lawrence knows fans are dying to see the movie, so she coughed up some gossip about an on-set romance in a recent interview!

And, okay, the “romance” is actually a “bromance!”

When asked about how Sam Clafin is doing as fan favorite Finnick, J-Law laughs and says she’s not the person to ask, and that the interviewer should be asking her co-star Josh Hutcherson about Sam because of their bromance.

“They are in love,” Jen said. “It’s a full-blown bromance, and it’s really bromantic and adorable. It’s really cute.”

Peeta and Finnick do share a lot of scenes together in Catching Fire, so it’s not totally surprising that the boys have become fast BFFs! Check out the video above and head to the comments and Twitter and let us know what you think!