Taylor Swift wears her heart on her sleeve – or, well, in her song lyrics! Tay’s been known to pen tunes about her ex-boyfriends, best friends and the pains of growing up. Is there anyone she wouldn’t write about?

In the clip above, Taylor dishes about the one person she’d never write about…her cat!

“I don’t know if people really wanna hear me sing about my cat,” Taylor said.

Tay isn’t quite a crazy cat lady, but her fans and Twitter followers know she’s always posted super-cute pics of her kitty, Meredith.

“If I started singing about the cat too, they’d be like, ‘Seriously it’s crossing over into cat lady territory,’” Taylor said.

Taylor goes on to gush about how adorable her cat is, and we have to admit it’s not crazy — it’s super cute!

What do YOU think? Would a song about Meredith be “purrrrfect”? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!