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Who Styled It Best: The Side Braid!

November 12, 2012

This incredibly simple look is such a classic. The side braid works perfect for both formal and casual occasions. Not to mention it’s practical- you can gather most of your hair to the side while showing off your pretty profile! It’s pretty easy to do as long as you have medium to long hair. Check out how these celebs styled their own side braids:

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Selena Gomez styled her hair into a deep side part to add volume to the hair that she hasn’t gathered into a side braid. Sel keeps her accessories simple to achieve this elegant and effortless look.

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We love Ariel Winter‘s loose side braid! This hairdo looks so carefree but a trendy complement to her elegant white dress. Ariel shows off a few small waves by not braiding her hair all the way down to the ends.

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Bella Thorne‘s bangs and the loose hair she hasn’t swept to the side frame make a beautiful frame for her face. The little black bow holding the braid is a great, girly touch. Bella probably waved her hair before braiding it to achieve the curly ends to her braid.

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Lucy Hale let a few strands in her plait free to style this soft side braid. The braid looks unkempt- but in a totally casual and cool way! It definitely goes with the summery color of her dress.

Who do you think styled it best? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Niallerfanforevahh says:

    Selena!!!!! Definently

  2. sporty913 says:

    i love them all

  3. mary says:

    selena and lucy!!!!!!!

  4. sporty913 says:

    1. selena
    2. bella
    3. lucy
    4. ariel

  5. Rainbow hugs says:

    Selena or Ariel

  6. #1 Selena Gomez, #2 Lucy Hale, #3 Bella Thorne, #4 Ariel Winter.

  7. McFlyBeebs says:

    1. Lucy 😀
    2. Selena :)
    3. Ariel <3
    4. Bella :(

  8. 1Dfangirl says:

    1. Lucy
    2. Selena

  9. iluvhorses says:


  10. kyriaki-i says:

    lucyyyyyyyyy! <3