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What’s not to love about Victoria Justice? She’s been modeling and starring in hit TV shows since she was little, and her fame has only grown more since then! Victoria’s talent, beauty and confidence has made her one of the biggest teen stars in Hollywood, but we still have to list our own reasons for why we think she totally deserves the title:

10. This is kind of obvious, but she’s the star of one our all-time favorite Nickelodeon shows, Victorious! We can’t imagine who could play the talented, optimistic Tori Vega better than Vic.

9. She’s an amazing singer and has been the main vocalist for many of Victorious‘s hit songs.

8. She’s always up for trying new things. The Halloween movie Fun Size was Vic’s first major big-screen role, but she’s said it won’t be her last. This girl is so brave when it comes to making plans- she’s never afraid to dream big.

7. She’s absolutely hilarious. Victoria once dished that one of her favorite ways to prank her BFFs is to hide behind doors or in their dressing rooms then jump out and scare them! She’s even done this to Victorious co-star Avan Jogia – while he was holding a hot bowl of oatmeal!

6. She’s a gorgeous cover girl. In the past few months, Victoria has covered magazines like Vogue, Latina magazine and Girl’s Life.

5. She never forgets her roots. Victoria always says how grateful she is to her family for supporting her dreams to become an actress and singer. They even agreed to move with her all the way to L.A. so she could start modeling and auditioning for roles! That just shows how much faith they had in her, and clearly, it’s paid off. So how did Vic repay them? She bought them a new house!

4. She’s a great dancer. Most of the songs on Victorious have an upbeat rhythm great for dancing, so Victoria is always busting some awesome moves on the show. Plus she always looks like she’s having so much fun!

3. She’s super dedicated to developing herself as an artist. One of Victoria’s post-Victorious plans include writing and producing her own screenplay one day!

2. Her style. On the red carpet, we’ve seen Vic rock both skinny jeans and glamorous gowns. She’s also said that she’s always up to browse vintage or secondhand stores!

1. Her dedication to being a good role model. Victoria is a huge supporter and Champion for Girl Up, a charity dedicated to bettering the lives of girls in developing countries.

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