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1D on Love and Heartbreak!

December 18, 2012

1D have had a great year in 2012. In the Jan/Feb issue of Tiger Beat, we have some highlights from their craziest week in America yet, plus SUPER EXCLUSIVE stories straight from the guys about their biggest loves and heartbreaks!

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  1. DestinyJcollie says:

    im screaming I LOVE ONE DIRECTION

  2. maia madden says:

    I am in Luv!purrrrrfect pic o the guys!

  3. mileycyrusno.1fan says:

    good to know

  4. mileycyrusno.1fan says:

    ya know, my first impression of each one of them after i knew exactly who they were from my friends was:

    louis: kind and funny! he really cracks a person!
    harry: innocent, can get hyper active sometimes but most of the time he just stands and stares at his friends get silly and funny!
    liam: he seemed funny but know he seems serious and direct.
    naill: innocent and fun loving!
    zayn: he is mysterious like a puzzle! he is cool too! he kind of has a different look from the rest!

    but this is just my opinion guys!

  5. ice princess says:

    who the heck eats carrots>>>>>but still is blind>>>>(my brother)

  6. nikkirulezz123 says:

    Close your mouth, think of a famous singer. Then post this on two more groups, then check your voice!

  7. Brittany says:

    @mileycyrusno.1fan Your opinions about 1D are real close to mine!! My friends laugh when they see Niall now cause when I first saw him I was like “WHO’S THAT HOTTIE-MA-CODIE?”So now they laugh at me and I still laugh when I see him ROFL :) 😛

  8. Isabella says:

    Cool I can’t wait

  9. shiza says:

    I can’t hardly wait to buy the Jan/Feb issues!hope harry will tell his breakup!^_^

  10. christina malik1D says:

    I love zaynn more than every one…I will marry him….