The year 2012 has been full of Hollywood fashion, red carpet makeup and hair ‘dos and don’ts. But most importantly, it has been full of the COOLEST nail art ever. Seriously, we’ve been so impressed by celebs’ nail art this year, we just had to round up some of our faves for you. Check them out below and get inspired!

[credit]Ariana Grande[/credit]

We can’t get enough of Ariana Grande‘s nails in this photo! The delicate beads are so beautiful, and they look just like sprinkles! This delicious detail paired with her pale pink polish is pretty much perfect.

[credit]Cher Lloyd[/credit]

HOT pink nails and Hello Kitty designs? Um, Cher Lloyd knows sure knows how to rock her nails! Try decorating your nails with things you love, too. Every time you look at them, you’ll smile!

[credit]China Anne McClain[/credit]

China Anne McClain uses bold colors and an awesome tribal print design for this nail art. Use patterns like this to make your nails stand out in the best way!

[credit]Debby Ryan[/credit]

Going to Disney World or another Disney-themed event soon? Take a hint from Debby Ryan and theme your nails! She uses fun glitter and Mickey Mouse designs for this nail project. The best part: You can choose any theme you want. Have fun with it!

[credit]Lady Gaga[/credit]

Wow! We had to include this photo of Lady Gaga‘s bright pink talons… erm, nails. Seriously, though, look how long and sharp they are!

[credit]Jennette McCurdy[/credit]

Ooh la la! Jennette McCurdy celebrated Christmas this year in serious style. We’re loving the perfect Elf green, glitter and elf costume. Buddy would be so proud.

[credit]Peyton List[/credit]

Peyton List decorated her nails with a zebra-print design and painted one of them a baby pink color to add some contrast. We absolutely LOVE them!

[credit]Raini Rodriguez[/credit]

Raini Rodriguez‘s too-cute-for-words nails use a rich pink shade, glitter and two fun designs. They’re adorable and make us want to go get a manicure right now!

[credit]Victoria Justice[/credit]

Victoria Justice‘s elegant nail design is perfect for New Year’s Eve inspiration! She painted hers black and gold with cute stripes and dots mixed in.


Zendaya nails are the perfect combo of girly, tough and inspiring. This gorgeous nail art includes the words “LOVE,” “STRONG,” glitter skulls and hearts, and a camouflage design. So fierce.

[credit]Katy Perry[/credit]

[credit]Katy Perry[/credit]

[credit]Katy Perry[/credit]

[credit]Katy Perry[/credit]

[credit]Katy Perry[/credit]

And now for the queen of nail art herself: Katy Perry. It seems like she changes up her nail art every week! But that’s OK because we can never get enough! She always comes up with the most creative and unique designs, such as these 3D flowers, yin and yang design, movie-themed nails, cute retro mashup, and characters from the ’90s TV show Daria. We can’t wait to see what awesome nail art the stars will bring us in 2013!

Which of these nail art designs is YOUR fave? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!