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Ariana and Justin’s Manager Tweet About Grammy Snub!

December 7, 2012


The Grammy nominations were announced yesterday, and while we saw a ton of our fave singers on the list (Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are on there!), we couldn’t help but notice that a name was missing. Justin Bieber wasn’t given any nominations!

We’re not the only ones totally shocked by the snub – music manager Scott Braun was totally disappointed in the Grammys, and let his voice be heard in a series of angry tweets.

“I just plain DISAGREE. The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one. the hardest thing to do is transition, keep the train moving. the kid delivered. Huge succesful album, sold out tour, and won people over… this time he deserved to be recognized and I dont really have any kind nice positive things to say about a decision i dont agree with.” Scott tweeted.

Of course, then he went on to congratulate all of those who were nominated, including pal Carly Rae Jepsen.

Fellow celebs are also shocked that Justin didn’t get any nominations. Ariana Grande tweeted her surprise about the snub:

Justin hasn’t commented on his snub, but we think it’s awesome he has so much support. There’s always next year, Biebs!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    they snubbed everybody!!! one direction included

  2. angelina911 says:

    Justin Bieber deserves a grammy he worked so hard

  3. Anonymous says:

    @lexi that fake forwards are bullsh*t

  4. pixiestar says:

    Well I’m not a fan of him but I do luv Ariana she’s my girl crush and my fav style icon!

  5. I think its totally unfair that Justin wasn’t nominated. I mean come on his album was amazing and he sold out his tour. He totally deserved it!!!

  6. Arabelle28 says:

    There should be JB or 1D on the list. There also should be PSY. They don’t have lives.

  7. bieber__directioner says:

    they lost a whole bunch of viewers due to not nominating JB or 1D i was so mad they didnt even get one nomination >: (

  8. ntandoh says:

    Yea I totally agree with Scott Justin has worked VERY hard and deserved it!! @1biliber1

  9. dancingqueen219 says:

    I’m so upset that Justin wasn’t nominated at all this year!

  10. Emilykb20 says:

    Justin totally deserves it

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