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cheergirlmacey asked, “Dear blog girl, I moved to a diff city this summer and haven’t been able to see my old friends, I really miss them! But my bestie hasn’t talked to me since I moved! I really miss her and need her right now, how can I get her to talk to me and be friends again?”

Hi, cheergirlmacey! Moving is always super hard: you have to make new friends, adjust to a new school and like in your situation, keep up with old friends. It’s even harder when you haven’t been able to see them in a while. I’d say the first thing you should do is instead of waiting for your bestie to call, you should try talking to her! You can call her, text her, send an email or (if you’re allowed) Facebook her. It’s possible that she thinks that you’ve made a ton of new friends or are too busy to talk. If you talk to her first, maybe she’ll realize that you still think she’s a really important friend. Don’t be afraid to come right out and say that you’re having a hard time – I’m sure that as your BFF, she’ll understand and want to help out. Also, try to ask your parents if you can visit your old friends during an upcoming break or weekend. You can even hint to them that the visit would make a great holiday present. Good luck!

fizzyizzy9 asked, “Dear Blog Girl, I want to try out for a big musical at school. I think I’m pretty good but I’m scared of getting made fun of. Also I don’t know how to ask my mom to let me audition. Please help!”

Hi, fizzyizzy9! Nerves are TOTALLY normal in a situation like this. It’s a huge deal to try out for pretty much anything because you know people are judging you. Honestly, I totally applaud you for your bravery in even thinking of auditioning! I think before deciding whether or not you want to audition, ask yourself a few questions: If you make it into the musical, do you have time in your schedule for all the rehearsals? Do you think you’ll regret it if you just let this opportunity pass up? If your answer to both questions is yes, I say go for it! Anybody who ends up making fun of you doesn’t have the right. They weren’t even brave enough to audition themselves, so you already have something over them. When asking your mom to let you audition, make sure to tell her how important this is to you. Before you ask her, maybe you can even start preparing whatever song/lines you’re going to audition to prove to her that you’re ready. Good luck! I’m sure you’ll be amazing.

crazyhair asked, “Dear blog girl, theres this girl and she keeps telling everyone that we are best friends but we’re not!!! She won’t stop bugging me and she keeps following me!!! And my real best friend got kinda mad at me!!! And said I was hanging out with her more than I was with her!! So anyways how do I tell this girl we’re not besties and i don’t want to hang out with her with out being a jerk?”

Hi, crazyhair! Wow, this is a pretty difficult situation. I’m sure this girl is really annoying you (especially since she’s affecting your friendship with your BFFs) but try to put yourself in her shoes for a second. It’s possible that she won’t stop following you around because she feels insecure about making her own friends. She probably doesn’t have a whole lot of self-esteem. Maybe there’s something about you that makes her believe that you’ll understand her situation! And if you two don’t have a lot of common, I’m sure she’ll eventually realize that you guys won’t make good BFFs. When you tell her that you aren’t her bestie, try not to be mean about it. Don’t give her the cold shoulder say something mean like “I already have my own BFFs” or “Stop bugging me”. Tell her that you think she’s a great person, but also be honest and tell her that the two of you can’t hang out ALL the time. If there’s a specific way she’s bothering you (like following you everywhere), tell her exactly that. And tell your besties that no matter what, they’ll always come first! Good luck!

Hannah asked, “Hi blog girl! The school talent show is coming up, and I definetly want to be in it. My BFF has wanted to do a dance routine with me for a while, but a week ago my crush asked me if I wanted to do a duet with him. If I do the dance routine with my BFF, my crush might not like me anymore, and if I do the duet with my crush, my BFF might be mad at me. What should I do??”

Hi, Hannah! Choosing between your best friend and boy you really like can definitely be difficult. The thing is, you’ve already made a commitment to your BFF long before this boy asked you to do a duet with him. And I’m not just talking about your dance routine! Before this boy came along, your BFF was always there for you and you were always there for him/her. That’s why people have best friends! I’m sure your crush is a dream, but if he really likes you, then he won’t stop liking you just because you didn’t do a duet with him. There will always be crushes, but a person who’s the perfect BFF match doesn’t come along every day. Don’t let a crush ruin your special bond with your bestie. Good luck!

cupcake6 asked, “dear blog girl, i have a problem, i just found out that my bff thinks my crush likes her but i think its the other way around i dont no what to do. i asked her one time if she liked him or he liked her but she acted like she didnt know she is always talking to him and its kinda bothering me what should i do? please anwser i really need this advise.”

Hi, cupcake6! I’m sorry, it always sucks to be stuck in the middle of a situation like that. You’re right to feel like something’s up, especially when your best friend doesn’t seem to be telling you the truth! Try talking in private with your friend and tell her that you REALLY don’t want this crush to come between the two of you. You value her as a friend and you would never lie to her, so you deserve the truth from her as well. But at the same time, don’t force it out of her if she still won’t tell you. I know this is bothering you, but try not to assume anything right now. Otherwise you two could get in a fight over something that might not even be, well, anything. Just tell her that you’re there for her. Be a friend and let her be open with you about her feelings for this guy. Good luck!

GlamGirl asked, “Theres a girl in my class that ALWAYS is teasing me. What should I do?”

Hi, GlamGirl! Bullying is NEVER cool. It’s always hard to have to sit in class with someone who makes you feel horrible everyday. Usually, bullies bully because they don’t feel so great about themselves so they try to make everyone around them feel bad about themselves too. I know it’s a lot easier said than done, but don’t let this girl get to you. Show her that you’re the bigger person by not returning her mean insults. She might have some problems that you don’t really know about it. Try talking to a parent, teacher or counselor about the teasing if it’s too much for you. It might sound like I’m asking you to be a tattletale, but if the teasing gets worse, just know that there’s someone out there who’s rooting you on and willing to help you out. Good luck!