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Call for Reader Submissions: What is Selena Listening to?

December 18, 2012

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Wanna be in the Magazine? Give Us Your Best Guess…

Have you ever noticed that Selena Gomez is always wearing headphones? The 20-year-old star loves listening to music just as much as she loves making it! Selena has been a busy bee — she’s working on her next album, trying to figure out her relationship with Justin Bieber and donating her time to charity. What doesn’t this girl do?!

So, we want YOU to tell us. What do you think Selena is listening to in her headphones? We need a specific song and an artist — AND we want you to give us an explanation behind your choice. We’ll pick a few lucky answers to appear in BOP magazine!

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  1. lauren says:

    i knew you were trouble

  2. cookie1 says:

    “I Knew You Were Trouble”by Taylor Swift

  3. Addie says:

    What Makes You Beautiful by One Direction

  4. 1Dsffan says:

    She’s listening to Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.” Justin and Selena are working very hard to find time for each other, but sometimes it gets complicated.

  5. Zofia says:

    I am pretty sure it is something by Taylor Swift, because they are bffs, and Selena and Justin on on hard times like Taylor was when she wrote the song.

  6. lisa says:


  7. Paige E. says:

    she is listening to All Carly Rae and Taylor Swift songs. Because she is bffs with both of them so it makes sense.

  8. sportsgirl24 says:

    I Knew You Were Trouble by (Her best friend)Taylor Swift because on her website(selenagomez.com) she posted a video of her and her girls dancing to i knew you were trouble and taylor is Selena’s best friend

  9. thisisadorable says:

    Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars because it’s just such a catchy song you can not just love him =]!

  10. SonyaLuvHarry says:

    Maybe One Direction NEW songs because she LOVES them and I know that she is the 1ST audience, who jumped her chair while one direction hit the stage with their song What Makes You Beautiful in the Kids Choice Awards since last spring break :)
    Thats was SOOO werid, but i would TOTALLY do that!