In this holiday episode of Dog with a Blog, “Bark! The Herald Angels Sing”, it’s the family’s first Christmas together and Avery is prepping Tyler, Chloe and Stan for what will likely be their worst Christmas gifts ever – from their new stepmother Ellen, who gives terrible gifts. Meanwhile, Bennett and Ellen try to decide whose Christmas traditions to follow.

Watch the video above for a hilarious clip from the episode! Avery gets super excited to learn that she can make her own wishlist this year.

Because of this episode’s Christmas theme, we asked Blake Michael about his holiday memories! Check out the Q&A below to see what he said.

BOP&TB: What’s your favorite gift you ever received and why?
Blake Michael: A favorite holiday gift I received was a maple-wood and chrome full size air hockey table. It was sick!

BOP&TB: What’s the WORST present you’ve ever received?
Blake Michael: The worst gift I’ve ever received was a gift card to a store I would never shop at.

BOP&TB: What’s the biggest gift-giving flop you’ve ever had (you thought you had the perfect gift and turned out to be so wrong)?
Blake Michael: My biggest gift-giving flop was buying a shirt for my brother. He hated it.

“Bark! The Herald Angels Sing” airs Sunday, December 2 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Disney Channel. Will you be tuning in to watch the new Dog with a Blog? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!