Hey, readers! Reporter Megan here. We get so many emails everyday asking us what 1D are REALLY like when the cameras are off. Well, I’m here to share a little secret with you! Harry Styles might have a little bit of a bad-boy reputation, but he’s actually a total gentleman. How do I know? Well, on my latest trip to New York City with 1D, the guys and I snapped the pic that you see above (that’s me, Megan, with the guys). When I arrived at 1D’s hotel, the boys were all sitting down in their chairs for the interview. But when I hopped in to take a photo with them, Harry stood up and insisted I sit down in his seat. I told Harry it was no big deal and I could totally stand for the photo, but he said, “No, please sit. I’ll stand.” Such a gentleman, right? The guys are always SO polite every time I see them (and luckily for us, we see them a lot!). They’re the biggest stars in the world right now, but these five guys haven’t changed a bit since I met them for the first time over a year ago!

Tell Us: This holiday season, which 1D boy do YOU wish would take you on a date and act like a gentleman? Tell us in the comment section below.