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Fashion Essential: Coats!

December 28, 2012

A fashion essential is something every girl should have in her closet, that will never go out of style! Every week, we’ll be featuring one article of clothing, along with some examples of how to rock it.This week’s essential? Coats!Why You Need Them In Your Closet:
Don’t let the chilly weather get you down — you can still look trendy and cute! Coats are not only a necessity for winter, but they are fashionable, too. Bundle up in a button-up peacoat and have fun accessorizing with other winter essentials, like gloves, scarves, boots and hats. Four Ways to Rock It:

1. Victoria Justice

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Make a statement this season by buying a pretty peacoat in your favorite color. Victoria‘s green one is gorgeous! We love how she paired it with a pair of sparkly pants, leather gloves and knee-high boots.

2. Vanessa Hudgens

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Vanessa is all dressed up and ready to attend a fancy party. Her black coat with gold cuffs keeps her warm AND complements her outfit. This look is totally chic!

3. Taylor Swift

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The “I Knew You Were Trouble” singer chooses an extra-long coat in an off-white color that will look great with any outfit. We love how her metallic shoes match the buttons on her jacket. So stylish, Taylor!

4. Lucy Hale

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Pretty Little Liars star Lucy Hale adds a pop of color to her look by wearing a neon long-sleeve shirt that peeks out under her navy blue coat. Her gray boots are a perfect finishing touch to her cute and casual look.

Which star do you think rocks this fashion essential the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Jaahnvi says:

    First Comment!

  2. robynrainbow62 says:

    love the tayor swift outfit

  3. vashappeninuk says:

    lucy and vanessa

  4. pixiestar says:

    I think Vanessa and Victoria rocked it best

  5. Directioner143 says:

    They’re all perfect!! Love ’em! But Vanessa rocked it best!<3<3

  6. directionrgirlfureva says:

    awesome!i just got a varsity jacket 4 x-mas!!!!!!

  7. mileycyrusno1fan says:

    i love vanessa, vic and lucy! so stylish! btw guys, check out “the piano guys” cover of what makes you beautiful by 1d. the guys are MADLY TALENTED! the music is OH-SO-CATCHY!

  8. Avalon says:

    Totally Taylor shes rockin it

  9. Hayli says:

    Taylor is def. best

  10. Ava says:

    1. Victoria Justice
    2. Taylor Swift
    3. Lucy Hale
    4. Vanessa Hudgens- she looks kinda gothic!