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Harry and Taylor: Zoo Date!

December 3, 2012



Haylor just got bumped from rumor to real status. While we still can’t exactly confirm an exclusive relationship between One Direction‘s Harry Styles and pop princess Taylor Swift, we did spot them on a definite date-like day at the zoo in Central Park in New York City. The date did have a couple of chaperones in the form of 1D’s stylist Lou Teasdale, her fiancé Tom and their baby Lux (who Directioners everywhere know Harry just adores!). People who witnessed the apparent date said that Tay and Harry looked happy, like they were having a good time.

Do you think this means Harry and Taylor are an official couple? Do you want them to be? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i see since im the first comment that directioners are speachless. dont hate on taylor just cuz ur jealous

  2. Alexis says:

    Yeah, don’t hate Taylor! If you were famous, wouldn’t you want to date Harry Styles! GOSH!

  3. bieberlurve says:

    i love taylor swift
    i love harry styles
    but.. i dont like them together i personally think that taylor should date guys her own age!!
    cos it kinda looks as if taylor is harrys babysitter

  4. flamingoflavor says:

    Harry Styles is way too bad for her. He has totally different motives than she does..i mean come on! Like all her songs talk about how she wants like a true romantic type…and he is kinda romantic..but also kinda a bad boy. I just don’t see it. She is too sweet for him.

  5. Aj says:

    It would be great for Harry to have a girlfriend but when they break up Taylor’s going to write a song about him. No offense Taylor, but seriously what’s next For example,,,
    “” It looks like i went in the wrong DIRECTION.””
    ~Just saying
    ~Peace for Niall

  6. Kenna W. says:

    Taylor is like ice cream and Harry is like pizza, i love them both, just not together. If they ever break up, i don’t either to be hurt. Nor do i want Taylor to make a hit song about him and how bad he is. Please no hate, I just don’t like it. But if Harry is happy, then i support him and his choices. :)

  7. I says:

    I seriously LOVE Taylor and Harry! :) I just don’t think they would be a good match. I want both of them to be really happy, and most of their relationships (Tay) don’t last long. Tarry? Hmm…?

  8. loveselenagomez says:

    i think they are a cute couple but haylor is not a good name for them but they are cute togrther!!!

  9. Nayomi says:


  10. i_luv_nathan_ruess says:

    NO! They gonna break up then and taylor gonna get another $2.5 million dollars!! :( Poor Harry.