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Did Haylor just get some cute couple points? This totally adorable birthday surprise might have earned them a few.

According to sources, Taylor Swift’s sort of/maybe boyfriend Harry Styles went above and beyond super-cute boyfriend duties for her birthday yesterday. Apparently, the One Direction hottie specially ordered cupcakes for his lady love. This is not only adorable because — duh — cupcakes, but because we know how much T-Swift loves the dessert!

Harry bought Tay 23 custom-made cupcakes for her 23rd birthday, a source said. The flavors were assorted, and ranged from mint to ones filled with a candy floss.

“He was very gracious and thankful that they were able to make the cupcakes at the last minute,” the source said.

The source also said Harry was a total sweetheart when he came in to pick up the cupcakes. “He was down to earth and said his girlfriend would love the cupcakes.”

“Girlfriend”?! Is that a maybe kind of official dating statement? Haylor are reportedly being couple-y all over London as we type.

What do YOU think? Do we need to wait until Tay drops the “boyfriend” word before we declare it official? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!