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Have a Problem? There’s a Taylor Swift Song for That!

December 29, 2012

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Taylor Swift has written countless songs about love, relationships and even bullies. Her lyrics can get you through any tough time. Check it out:

Problem: Your crush likes another girl.
Song to listen to: “Teardrops On My Guitar”
What you can learn from it: It can really hurt to hear your crush talk about how much he likes someone else. If you’re in this situation, do yourself a favor and change the subject. Hearing about his crush will only make you feel worse. Even girls like Taylor go through it! “I used to have a huge crush on this guy, who would sit there every day talking to me about another girl,” Tay reveals.

Problem: You’re getting bullied at school.
Song to listen to: “Mean”
What you can learn from it: So the “popular” girls are picking on you, or some boys made fun of your glasses. It’s no fun to get picked on, but if T-Swift can get through it, so can you. The keyword to take away from this song is “someday.” Someday you will be stronger and more confident, someday you will be successful and someday you won’t care what anyone else thinks!

Problem: Your crush is being a jerk.
Song to listen to: “I Knew You Were Trouble”
What you can learn from it: If your boyfriend isn’t texting you back or says mean things to you when you hang out, this is the song for you. It’s really hard when you like someone but know they’re not the right person for you. Always do what’s best for yourself. If he’s “trouble” now, things will only get worse!

Problem: You’re fighting with your parents.
Song to listen to: “The Best Day”
What you can learn from it: Just watch the music video for this song and you’ll remember how much you love your parents. Your mom might be really strict, and your dad could totally embarrass you — but they do it because they care about you. Tell them you appreciate everything they do, but you just need some space.

Have you learned any lessons from other Taylor Swift songs? Tell us about them in the comments!

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  1. KissesfromHarryStyles says:

    I have learned lessons from Taylor’s songs! But, if “I Knew You Were Trouble” is about Harry Styles, does that mean Taylor thinks he’s a jerk? 😉

  2. smiley face123 says:

    taylor’s songs says that she knows how it feels and has been through everything thats going on in our lives! i LOVE her!!!! she is totaly my rolemodel!

  3. liampayne12 says:

    I’m with KissesFromHarryStlyes .Does this mean she thinks he is a jerk? Just wondering.

  4. Yes I learned a huge lesson from the song (BACK TO DECEMBER). The song taught me that you should always do the right thing and be honest. But I wasn’t and because of that I lost my best friend. This song was her fav T- Swift song. Every time I listen to it I cry because it reminds me of her. I’ll always regret what I did!

  5. Directioner+Nialler4eva! says:

    @KissesFromHarryStyles and @liampayne12 yeah before she did cuz she saw him kissing anither girl…remember but not anymore i dont think…so you cud say it used to be about him i guess

  6. Marie109 says:

    I learned a lot from mean it shows no matter what bullies say u no it’s not true luv the song and u Taylor luv ya

  7. Vickie-Lynn says:

    I bet this is Taylors thoughts on Harry:

  8. Marie109 says:

    I like mean or helps when bullies r picking on you

  9. SwiftieSweetie13 says:

    I learned from the song 22 to never wish your life away and enjoy being the age you are now and just have fun with your friends and be you.

  10. Bellarina13 says:

    actually what i have learned from i knew you were trouble is when she was like
    said you never loved me….or her or anyone or anything

    my crush told me he didnt like ANYONE! So i lesten to that song EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!