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Here’s another chapter for the ever-growing Haylor love story: the they’re-basically-dating-but-won’t-officially-admit-it couple were spotted having dinner at a sushi restaurant in New York City! Harry Styles and Taylor Swift have been spending tons of time together – holding hands at zoos, and singing karaoke – so another date doesn’t really surprise us.

A source at the restaurant said Harry and Tay dined on the fishy noms with Harry’s mother and stepdad and mutual pal Ed Sheeran.

“They sat at their own booth and were giggling a lot. Harry looked really happy. She was talking a lot and he was laughing at her stories,” the source said.

What next? Was there hand-holding? Smooching? Romantic sushi eating, like Lady and the Tramp style? Not quite, the source said. Haylor kept it pretty low-key.

“It seemed like they were just getting to know each other,” the source said.

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