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Haylor’s Karaoke Date!

December 5, 2012

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Now that Taylor Swift and Harry are (officially? Does holding hands and frolicking in a park make it official?) an item, we can’t help but wonder what kind of couple they’re going to be. Will they be the type to go on super extravagant dates? Or the chill, hang-out-at-home type? Well, it turns out the couple’s dates so far have consisted of pretty casual outings: a stroll in Central Park, playing with One Direction‘s stylist’s baby daughter and now a karaoke date!

Last night after One Direction’s sold-out headlining show at Madison Square Garden, Harry and Taylor sang karaoke together. We would have loved to hear these two singing mega-stars do a karaoke duet together! We wonder if this means we’ll hear some One Direction/Taylor Swift collaborations in the future…

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  1. Alycsandra says:


  2. fun2play says:

    I still don’t know if they are actually together. One of them, Harry or Taylor, should tell us so they don’t get mad!

  3. OneDirectionLoverForever121 says:

    Half of me thinks they are adorable together, but the other half im like NOO! but Harry can make his own desicions, lets hope its a good one…

  4. Hazza styles says:

    I don’t really like them together harry can do better than that anybody thats with me lets give taylor a piece of our mind!!!!
    p.s. i am never listing 2 taylor’s music again the only reason she’s with him is so she can break up with him and make a album about it.

  5. GigisBFFL says:

    TOTALLLLY agree with @hazza styles! i keep saying that cuz its tru and ppl r like oh u just dont want ur “precious” harry 2 be dating anyone or dont be a hater on taytay! she is gonna BREAK HIS HEART!

  6. Aylen says:

    AWWW Haylor!!! I always knew they would end up together somehow:) best of luck to them!!! Xx

  7. Sydney says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    SHUT UP STUPID DIRECTIONERS!! if u had a quarter of a brain u would know that TALYOR IS THE ONE THAT GETS HER HEART BROKEN
    harry dated a freaking 32 YEAR OLD WOMEN!! slept with her and left. yep hes getting his heartbroken -_-

  9. Anonymous says:

    oh and by the way last night (harry stayed at the same hotel that taylor stayed in) harry tweeted “last night was the best thing ive ever done”

  10. ilovelove1D says:

    not cool they just had blank!!!! and gosh taylor is going to brake his heart!!!!!!!!!