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Justin’s Heartbreak Shocker!

December 18, 2012

When Justin and Selena split, even fans took it hard – but imagine how Justin and Sel felt! Justin was totally heartbroken and we have the inside scoop about his quest to win Sel back in Jan/Feb Tiger Beat!

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  1. mileycyrusno.1fan says:

    this mag gets me really excited about celeb news! i wish i had all the bop and tigerbeat mags of 2013! that would be a BLAST! and yah, i think justin and sel are totally heartbroken espacially justin, i am not a fan but i can tell he is kind and takes his relationship with selena deep into heart!

  2. yasstar101 says:

    I think that all kids that like celebs should read bop and tigerbeat magazine because it really cool

  3. kayla says:

    Justin is so sensitive and thats one of the things i love about him. Everyone takes breakups hard. i think that Justin loves selena a little more than she loves him cause she wanted to break up he didnt. I think that she should have asked him if the rumor was true before she broke up with him. Relationships are about trust and if u do not have trust then what do you have? I also think that they got back together because they realized that they really love each other and they don’t want to give up their relationship just because a stupid rumor.

  4. sydney brashears says:

    people, are always saying bad stuff about justin .But turns out,even when i show people the magzine they just keep saying that they are right. im not even a fan, but i know how it feels.

  5. sydney brashears says:

    people at my school hate justin bieber and they make up rumors.even worse they listen to them. i dont like him but it suks when ppl make up rumors about you and spread

  6. PANDALUVER says:

    honestly im not a fan of jb but a huge fan for sel. i think sel might be a lil sad but not completely heartbroken as for jb he might be more sad than sel but i dont think hes heartbroken. i think he should’ve knew how cheating or doing something bad to sel would make them break up and he should’ve knew they would break up after what he did so i wouldnt feel so bad for him. as for sel feel bad for her!!!shes the one who keeps getting dumped and sad over and over again. but thats just my opinion. sorry jb luvers

  7. ella neeley says:

    i don’t know there is a story behind it but how can they break up i mean they do look like the but cupple of 2 that i know

  8. cassidy10 says:

    OMG i can blivle it they where so good togther

  9. LeeAnne E says:

    Can everyone just stop being hated to Jelena …. let them be and let them what they want to do its not like we are going out with Justin or Selena…
    What if people went around talking about u being hard in ur feelings about a break up ..everyone goes though that…I’m not trying to be that one person going over bord or anything but just stop….
    Imagine if that was u that everyone was talking about ..they probably didn’t want anyone to know they broke up or got back together in the first place…just drop it!!!

  10. jordyn says:

    That’s soooo sad I’ll miss Jelena