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QUIZ: Does Your BFF Have Your Back?

December 22, 2012


    Want to know if your BFF REALLY has your back 100% of the time? Take this quiz to find out!

  1. Your BFF is throwing a big party. She tells you:

  2. If the popular crowd makes fun of your new haircut, your BFF:

  3. You drop your books as your BFF's crush walks by. She:

  4. You and your BFF borrow each other's clothes, CDs, etc.

  5. Your BFF would ________ living with you:

  6. Time to choose a partner for the field trip! Your BFF:

  7. If your BFF won the lottery, she would:


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  1. Juicer123 says:

    First comment! Yay! My bff will have my back FOREVER!

  2. belieber1027 says:

    She has my back :)
    I love you Justy!! <3

    BTW – wth happened to Taylor Swift's hair?! And her new video for "I knew you were trouble"

  3. pixiestar says:

    Yayyyy! I got a yes! 😀 I LOVE MY BFF

  4. Romagnolycharles says:

    My bff ALWAYS has my back!! love u aaliyah

  5. hiya says:

    always…love u meg

  6. joliebryan says:

    My BFF never let’s me down but some times we play fight!!!Love ya Sadie!:)

  7. StarGirl12 says:

    Yes! Me and my BFF have only known each other for 2 years, but we love each other. Love ‘ya Amanda.

  8. Lisette says:

    My ex is so cute and i miss but my Bff is starting to become relly good friends with him what shoud i do

  9. emmalyn says:

    FASHION DESIGNER: Here, I designed this dress for you to wear to the prom (the dress is pretty ugly)
    YOU: Wow! You’ve done a great job! I love it so much!
    FASHION DESIGNER: You do??? Well, I think I did a pretty bad job and it’s really ugly.
    YOU: Ok, then I think it’s really ugly!
    FASHION DESIGNER: How could you say that about my dress!?!?!?!
    YOU AND FASHION DESIGNER: Hahahahhahahahaha!!!

  10. emmalyn says:

    my bff is a great dancer and im a bad dancer shes a bad singer and im a good singer we both have pretty much the same grades i school were both popular were both pretty and fit we both luv each other!!!