We love Miley Cyrus because she always seems to be so upbeat and never lets anything get her down, whether it’s mean comments about her hair or rumors about her relationship with Liam Hemsworth. After all, her nickname is “Smiley!” Unfortunately, Miley shared some terribly sad news with her fans — her puppy, Lila, has passed away.

Miley’s Yorkie mix had just turned two in November, but she had visited the vet in October for unknown health reasons. Miley hasn’t shared if Lila was sick or not, but she did share this heartbreaking tweet:

Miley also said she’d be taking a break from Twitter because she’s so upset, and thanked her fans for being so understanding and kind.

There’s not much worse than losing a pet. Luckily Miley has awesome fans, great friends and family and a whole house of other furry friends to help her get through this difficult time. We’re so sorry, Miley, and we hope you feel better soon!

Give Miley your condolences in the comments and on Twitter. RIP, Lila!