[credit]Duck Dynasty/A&E[/credit]

Name: John Luke Robertson

Where You’ve Seen Him: Chances are, you haven’t seen John Luke in the latest blockbuster movie or on the newest CW drama. You probably haven’t seen him in a music video, either. Nope, this cutie comes from an unexpected place — A&E’s reality show, Duck Dynasty! The series follows a family of duck hunters who run a duck call business (duck calls are sort of like whistles, but they imitate the sounds of ducks). John Luke is the 17-year-old son of the family and he’s super cute.

Why He’s Crush-Worthy: Other than being obviously dreamy, fans who watch the show know John Luke is totally sweet and polite. He’s really outdoorsy and loves hunting. He spends his summers working as a lifeguard. And if that isn’t crush-worthy enough, he’s also really into charity — he’s been to the Dominican Republic FIVE times to help kids in need. Um, swoon!

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