Here at the BOP and Tiger Beat offices, we’re obsessed with cute animals — puppies, kittens, hamsters, you name it! For this reason, we’ve decided to roundup some photos of your fave celebs’ most adorable furry friends. Check them out below!

[credit]Taylor Swift[/credit]

Who isn’t obsessed with Taylor Swift‘s too-cute kitty, Meredith? Mere has grown up a lot since we first met her, and she’s still adorable as ever. We LOVE watching her meow and play fetch in Taylor’s cute photos and videos. Keep them coming in 2013, Tay!

[credit]Justin Bieber[/credit]

Even though the Biebs has given his pet hamster, Pac, away (into the loving arms of a fan) since this photo was taken, Pac still makes our list of most adorable furballs of 2012.

[credit]Kendall Schmidt[/credit]

We don’t know too many people with pet pigs, but even if we did, Kendall Schmidt‘s pet pig, Yuma, would totally take the prize for cutest AND most talented piggy!

[credit]Bella Thorne[/credit]

And finally, the award for cutest puppy goes to Bella Thorne‘s pup, Kingston! Look how cute the little furball is poking around this pumpkin patch! We love seeing all the adventures he goes on with Bella and her bf, Tristan Klier.

Who are some of YOUR other fave star pets? Sound off in the comments and on Twitter!