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WATCH: 1D Gets Smooched!

December 11, 2012

We know we’re not alone in having a constant daydream of getting to kiss one of the One Direction boys. We wouldn’t be too picky about which one it was because all of them are beyond adorable. But we imagine the fantasy kiss would be super romantic. Like, fairytale romantic. Definitely not goofy and silly and super surprising.

The boys of 1D visited The Late Show with David Letterman and one of them got a kiss that wasn’t, well, all that romantic. We don’t want to give it away, so you’ll have to check out the clip above to see which Directioner gets a big ol’ smooch from actor Dustin Hoffman.

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  1. _littlethingss_ says:

    now i hate dustin hoffmin. (even tho i dont know who he is)

  2. dancingqueen219 says:

    That was hilarious! I loved Niall’s reaction!

  3. I love One Direction says:

    I remember this!

  4. SonyaLuvHarry says:

    Thumbs up for me because i wanna kissed niall but not on my hand,but i prefer kissing harry, but ONLY like 1 kiss :)

  5. Nelley says:

    Holy shiat lol nice I wish that happened only I was DH n there was no hand in front of his mouth n he kissed me LOL

  6. pixiestar says:

    Haha that was totally funny! :)

  7. Zinnialuv says:

    Eww… that’s gross, and more than a bit creepy.

  8. NiallLove13 says:

    MAN I wish I was Dustin Hoffman right there!

  9. Paige E. says:

    Ha ha. Niall was like “Do ya wanna sit? Do you wanna sit?”. I think I should have kissed Niall, not Dustin Hoffman! And i would actually kiss him Niall, not put my hand over his mouth. i think Niall would rather have me kiss him then an old guy anyway!

  10. flickchic6 says:

    I have never before been jealous of Dustin Hoffman (of all people) before today. Doesn’t look like he was that great a smoocher though (=