Justin Bieber has a way of pranking his fans with videos (remember the “stolen” files that turned out to be his “Beauty and a Beat” vid?), so we weren’t sure what to think when a new video and a mysterious request to check out “whatdidjustinsay.com” surfaced. Well, now we have an answer!

Justin has teamed up with Pencils for Promise, which is a super-cool organization that helps to improve education for kids who might not have access to all the great schools like you do. Justin is sponsoring a campaign called Schools4All, where fans can donate $25 and get a chance to win a fabulous prize . . . visit from the Biebs himself!

“I wanted to give every one of my fans a chance to help others and bring me to their school for just $25,”Justin said. “The Schools4All campaign is a way for us young people to make a change, and I’ll get to thank an entire school in person.”

How cool would it be to see Justin walking down the hallways at YOUR school?!

Check out the video above and tell us what YOU think in the comments and on Twitter!