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WATCH: One Direction Performs “Kiss You” at Madison Square Garden!

December 4, 2012

As if we needed any more sings that the guys of One Direction had made it mega-big, they gave us yet another piece of evidence when they performed at Madison Square Garden last night. It’s only one of the most famous concert venues in the entire world. No big deal, right? Plus, from the videos we’ve been finding around the Internet, it looks like it was a blast! Don’t believe us? The screaming fans in the clip above might change your mind.

The boys did a totally rocking performance of their most recent single, “Kiss You”. The little bit of choreography in the beginning is just way too adorable. We love how the boys engage with the audience. During the breakdown of the song, they asked the fans to sing with them!

The boys will be heading out on their second world tour next year. Are you planning on going to one of their shows? Have you been listening to their album, Take Me Home? Tell us in the comments and on Twitter!

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  1. 1DMusicLove says:

    Aw, that was terrific! 😀 I love One Direction! <3

  2. I love One Direction says:

    SO GLAD THEIR ALRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank goodness Mr.X didn’t…… DON’S ASK!

  3. I love One Direction says:


  4. waterdrop97 says:

    Oh my gosh!!! I love the words that Zayn sang!!! their songs are like christmas songs, because their songs stuck in your head easily

  5. Cece says:

    I went there It was Awesome

  6. Tomasita says:

    Wow u can hardly hear them sung cuz all that screaming but if I were there I would’ve done the same

  7. dancingqueen219 says:

    I loved their performance! It was great!

  8. Katie_luvs_1D says:

    OMG IM SO HAPPY THEYR OK! I was so worried for the boys. Mr X was killing me… if they died i would die to. lol. and BTW OMG WHO ELSE SAW LIAM AND LOU DOING #TheJoe??????????? so cute! lol omg im dying….

  9. pixiestar says:

    OMG!! There performance was amazing! I <3 1D! XOXO

  10. kaylee says:

    I LOVE 1d