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Who Styled It Best: The High Bun

December 20, 2012

On days your hair just refuses to cooperate, try styling it into a high bun! This classic style isn’t just for ballerinas. You can mess it up a little bit to achieve an effortlessly cool look. The high bun isn’t just for lazy hair days, though. You can make it a little more sleek for high profile events, or purposely let some strands loose to frame your face and accessories. We also give this particular style bonus points because it’s so flattering to every face shape, and we’ll just come right out and say it- the height definitely makes it more elegant! Check out the pics below to see how these celebs are rocking the high bun.

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Sarah Hyland looks so prim and pretty in her high bun. It totally goes with her girly, pale pink dress and makeup. She’s let a few wisps loose but the bun itself is a cleanly twisted coil. Great job, Sarah!

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We love how Demi Lovato‘s high bun contrasts her dark roots and blonde locks. It’s so trendy! The style also allows her to show off those sparkly, dangling earrings that compliment the rhinestone accents on her dress.

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Vanessa Hudgens‘s high bun is low-maintenance yet totally glamorous. She lets a couple strands loose to frame her face while she gathers the rest of her hair into the bun.

Who do you think styled it best? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. iheartfashion6 says:


  2. me2094 says:

    TOTALLY sarah

  3. Madeline328 says:

    Sarah Hyland!

  4. kath123123 says:


  5. Sammie says:


  6. maria says:

    probably sarah or demi

  7. Mags922 says:

    I don’t like any, but Sarah’s is the best…….

  8. SelenaGomez21 says:


  9. WHAT???!!!! says:

    Totally Sarah.

  10. horse crazy !!!!! says:

    i liked all of them to be honest