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It’s no secret that the boys of One Direction are BFF. They’ve spent so much time together over the past few years that’s it’s totally not surprising they’ve become so close. Plus, their bromance just makes them all the more adorable. Each boy of 1D recently spoke out about which trait from another Directioner they’d like to have.

And, of course, all of their answers were cute and joke-y and bromantic:

“I would probably steal Zayn’s hair. I think it looks cool,” Harry said.

Zayn, meanwhile, said he’d take something from Louis. “I would probably take Louis’ humor because he is really funny and confident. I would take his confidence.” he said.

Louis couldn’t choose between Niall and Liam, and said, “Liam’s level head to realize when the right time to stop is, or Niall’s just carefree, loving life, love everyone who lives.”

Liam admires Niall’s “carefreeness”…and Harry’s eating habits. “My diet is terrible,”Liam said.

And what would Niall take away from one of his bandmates?

“I want Harry’s abs,” he said.

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