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Today’s most duh-worthy news moment: One Direction‘s moms are way proud of them. Obviously. Why wouldn’t they be? Their sons are only famous around the world, making hit songs and keeping thousands of fans in tears of joy over their immense awesomeness. 1D’s moms being proud of them is, like, not even news it’s so obvious.

So why are we blogging about it? Because, as usual, the guys manage to make us go “aww” even over the tiniest, least surprising thing. When they talked to Daybreak about how their moms have reacted to their fame, Liam stole the show with the cutest answer ever. “My mum just cries the whole time. My mum literally has not stopped crying for the past two and a half years,” he said.

So what do the less sob-y 1D mom’s do to celebrate their sons’ massive success? Dance and have an amazing time like any other Directioner, according to Zayn.

“It’s really nice just to like look out [at a concert] and see your family, however embarrassing they’re being,” Zayn said. “Even if they’re on the chair dancing, like, it’s just cool.”

Okay, so we love 1D and we love their families. Who else wants to marry into the 1D family? Tell us what you think of 1D’s mom stories in the comments and on Twitter!