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January 17, 2013

Got burning advice questions about boys, friends, school and more? Blog Girl is here for you! Every week, we take questions from YOU, our lovely readers, and choose questions at random to answer right here. If you need advice about anything, please leave your questions in the comments below. Let’s get to this week’s questions!

bop fan109 wrote, “Hey blog girl my friend is having a problem with her boyfriend he wasn’t at school and his best friend said that her boyfriend said that he doesn’t care about her and just wants a girlfriend and we dont know if his best friend said that because he’s jealous or because it’s true.What should we do?”

Hey, bop fan 109! Your friend should definitely get to the bottom of the situation before she makes any decisions. If her boyfriend’s friend is the kind of guy to play pranks on people, he could be saying this to be funny (even though it’s obviously not!). If he’s jealous, it would probably be because your friend and his BFF are spending a ton of time together and he feels left out. If your friend’s BF is spending that much time with her, he probably really does like her! If she’s still worried, your friend should be upfront and ask her boyfriend about it. If it’s a lie, he’ll make sure she knows how much he likes her and everything will sort itself out! Good luck!


Hey, L.G.B.! First of all, I’m sure your BFFs don’t hate you! But if you guys are in a fight and you’re not sure why, the best thing to do is to ask them about it honestly. Tell them that you’ve been feeling left out of the group lately and you’re not sure what you did. Be ready to listen to their side and apologize if you really made a mistake, but chances are it’s just a big misunderstanding! Good luck!

lovethis wrote, “Hey Blog Girl! All of my friends have social network accounts, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but I don’t. It’s not becaus eI’m not allowed to have it but its because I don’t want people that I don’t know to see pictures of me. My friends keep asking me to get these social networks but I don’t know what to say. I want to fit in but I’m worried about my security. What should I do?”

Hey, lovethis! This is a great question. You are so right not to be on social media sites if you don’t feel comfortable. Just because your friends like them doesn’t mean you have to! Plus, being online comes with a lot of risks and responsibility – don’t take that on until/unless you really feel ready for it. I say stick to your guns and tell your friends that you really don’t want to be on those websites. Explain that it’s not because you don’t want to talk to them there, you just don’t like the idea of other people seeing your personal stuff. Your friends just want to share the fun they have online with you, but I’m sure they will understand your reasons for not wanting to participate! Remind them that you guys can still text each other pictures and share stories in a more private way that you’re comfortable with.

sellyluver2 wrote, “Hey Blog Girl! There is a girl on my bus who gets in trouble a lot, and she is very outgoing (I’m shy) so she said to my grade on the bus, “If one of us gets in trouble, we all get in trouble!” and I don’t do anything bad!! :( Any advice? Thanks a ton!”

Hey, sellyluver2! This girl sounds like trouble (cue the Taylor Swift music!), but there’s good news: She’s not in charge of who gets in trouble. She can make all of the announcements she wants, but your bus driver and teachers will know when she’s the one to blame and they won’t punish the whole class just because she said to. Just keep following the rules and staying out of her way and you’ll be fine.

OMG!! wrote, “ok i like a boy. At school we had a fun day. got to wair pj’s, etc. Brought a game that had dares. I got a dare that i had to do the robot dance. Best Friends decided to join. THen my Best Friend that is a boy, (he is a dancer) came over and did it with us. THen out of nowhere i get a huge crush on him. I start blushing, and he winks at me. This is my first REAL crush. He likes me back. how do i contain this feeling? Please help?!”

Hey, OMG!!! It’s great that you have a crush! It’s exciting! If you both like each other then that’s great! You don’t need to contain your feelings; embrace them. You’re young and it doesn’t mean you two have to date or kiss or anything like that. You can just enjoy talking to someone you like and knowing he likes you back. If you both feel the same way, trying to squash the feeling will only complicate things. Just have fun and keep being friends and enjoy your first REAL crush.

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  1. Dear Blog Girl my friends pushed my bf into kissing me and now he doesn’t really talk to me or anything. Should I be worried or not cuz really like him

  2. Joan says:

    Hello, these are great, I’m so glad we can ask real live people!

  3. luvmouse1 says:

    I have 3 BFFs. And 2 of them told me tht they dont really dont lik my other BFF anymore! And 1 of those 2 evn told her tht the othr one doesnt lik her! So yesterday she asks me if C & C still lik her. So lied & sed, ” ya E they do! Why?” She told me, and i dont no wut 2 do! PLZ HELP ME!!!!!!:(

  4. hunger games_99 says:

    Dear Blog Girl,
    I found out that I have this really huge crush on my two best friends(they’re twins!)and it feels awkward.What should I do??Help…..

  5. Julia says:

    Hi Blog girl,there’s this boy that I like, and a lot of the time, I catch him staring at me, but sometimes he talks to my BFF…I want to know who he likes, but he’d never say! Plus, my BFF always sits next to him, and he always moves away. She likes him, and so do I! Back in November, during Truth or Dare, he was dared to say who he liked, He said me and my BFF! Also he does a weird eyebrow thing to me a lot…but am I just over exaggerating the whole thing? Is he just being friendly? and do you think he likes me or my BFF?

  6. JJ says:

    I spent the night at my BFF’s house and when she left the room I looked through her yearbooks and in every one of them next to my picture she wrote hate her. What should I do????

  7. Leah says:

    My BFF used to not care about how she dressed but I always have, A LOT! She’s starting to buy the same clothes as me. I know people say that copying is the first form of flattery but it’s starting to get on my nerves. Her last Facebook update was literally “UGH I NEED CUTE CLOTHES. I WANT CLOTHES FROM HOLLISTER!!!” She bought the exact same jeans as me and the same shoes. Please help, because she is also acting really snobby and bossy. It feels like she’s trying to replace me in our group. What do I do? Please help!

  8. Nialler's Cupcake ;) says:

    Hello Blog Girl !!! 😀 Well, I Have A Small Issue…
    I Like My Ex-BoyFriend !!! I Know This May Sound Kind Of Weird But we’ve Dated Three Times!!! Now my Best Friend Likes Him And She Went Out With Him Like Three Years Ago. Nobody Knows I Like Him A Couple Of My Friends Think I Like This Guy I Used To Like Since Kinder. I Can’t Tell Anyone cause I’m Scared My BESTIE may get pissed off with me she has to much drama to deal with… What SHOULD I DO I’M REALLY CONFUSED !!!!

  9. Momo0624 says:

    Hey so I have this huge crush on this guy and I think he likes me back and so I am thinking about asking him to the dance but I don’t want to embarrass myself because ally of my friends think I shouldn’t waste my time with him and they don’t want to see me go through another heartbreak….and I don’t know what to do!!! HELP ME!!!!!! :/

  10. Rye Rye says:

    Dear blog girl
    I have been friend with this boy for a long time. He likes me as a Tom boy but I like like him. I don’t want to completely Change my image but there is a dance coming up and he asked a girly girl last year and she said no. Now he will not ask anyone and he likes my best friend. My best friend is ginna say no so he will probably never ask anyone again. i want him to ask me so badly. i have dreamed of this all last year including doodling his name on my notebook.I am so confused I hope he thinks I look pretty. I am even going to wear a dress! I love him but I do not no if he loves me! PLEASE PLEASE HELP. PS I will only wear a dress to the dance if he asks me otherwise I will be shooting a soccer ball al night 😍😍😍😭😭😭⚽⚽⚽⚽👸👸👸🙈🙈🙈😽